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Kinu Yukawa
料理家・Japanese Food Specialist

Kinu Yukawa is a Japanese chef and cookery teacher from Kobe, Japan, currently based in London. She ventured into the world of food early in life and fostered the basics of cooking from her grandmother. Later she trained French cuisine at Ecole Ritz Escoffier Paris and traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto.

Kinu believes in the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy of enjoying food with all the body's five senses <五感楽しむ和食>.  She appreciates the importance of cooking with produce that are in season and at the height of their flavour. By respecting the seasons and their offerings, food nourishes and brings harmony to the body, which is the principle of "和食 Washoku"  <the harmony of food> .

Kinu has been teaching Japanese cooking previously in Hong Kong for 7 years, and currently in London for over 10 years.  She is fascinated in sharing her expertise and knowledge of Japanese cooking to students of all walks of life and culinary levels.  


Above and beyond!  As I am a vegan I truly enjoyed her Shojin Temple cooking class.  Not only did we learn how to prepare the dishes, Kinu-san's presentation of the food was exquisite.  Just how it is done in Japan.


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